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Psst... Your Chakra Cheat Sheet Is Here

rainbow head shot

Throughout the month of May we looked at the world through rainbow-coloured glasses. Focusing our attention on the ancient and powerful chakra system, we aligned ourselves one wheel* at a time. Why? So that we can move into the next season feeling fully self-aware. Meditation is about more than self-improvement; it's about self-discovery. It's about taking the time to check-in with yourself, and then deciding how you want to move forward into the world. You could say it's like finding "presence plus"!

"Colour, like features, follow the changes of the emotions."

-Pablo Picasso

So for your meditation reference, we've made you a colourful little crib note for your next sit session. Simply start by finding your current feeling. Then look to the right to discover which one of the seven main chakras is feeling off-balance. You can meditate using its corresponding colour, element, vibrational sound, or gemstone to help realign it. Post meditation, seal your practice with a real world, everyday fix for a full spectrum experience.

*Chakra literally translates to wheel.

chakra cheat sheet

Top image credit: @artsxdesign (Instagram)

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