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Mind House was born out of a love for meditation, the need to de-stress, and the desire to have a little fun – all in a serene space. We host guided group meditation classes in spaces that breathe comfort, style and quietude, in order to bring a better sense of calm to busy urban lives.  Under one roof our expert teachers, recruited from various mindful disciplines, educate and guide you through different meditation methods.  Our classes are created for people that want to learn how to meditate or enhance their current practice. Each class fuses together various techniques that allow you to work inward with greater comfort, ease, and joy. You could say that this is mental cross-training at its finest.

 Meditation should be more accessible and more inspiring. 

 Jenn, Founder 


Mind House was conceptualised and founded by Jennifer Meer. Having worked in corporate advertising and fashion marketing, Jenn knows a thing or two about working in fast-paced, high-stress environments -- it can be really hard to stay chill. Maintaining a daily meditation practice has allowed her to manage her daily stressors whilst growing professionally and creatively throughout her career. It gave her the ability to develop an authentic state of calm and move through life with intention, rather than reaction.


During her years of taking meditation and mindfulness classes across London, New York and Los Angeles, Jenn noticed that many classes were limited in their offering. They were either very costly or required a weekly commitment without any flexibility. Sometimes they were just too religious-inspired for her agnostic self. Often they occurred in very bland rooms, as an afterthought to yoga.  And sometimes there was almost no "education" element at all. Having attended over +100 meditation classes and earned her RYT-200 yoga teacher certification, she creates and guides meditations for others; making classes affordable, flexible, secular, instructive, varied and thoughtfully designed, because meditation should be more accessible and more inspiring.



1 // Meditation is for everyone.

We love a good collective sit-in.  That's why we run pop-up classes throughout London, so that you have the chance to take one near you. Our classes are secular (religion-free), affordable, and open to all levels of practitioners. There is no such thing as a good or bad meditator – all people are equal and welcome to sit and breath with us.

2 // Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness.

We believe (along with modern science) that practicing meditation/mindfulness breeds better health and happiness. And a healthy mindset offers us true sustainability.  If your body is a temple, then your brain is the prized chalice inside.  

3 // Meditation is not a one-size-fits-all jumper.

We know that meditation is a deeply personal practice, and what works for one person does not always work for all. That's why we don't institute strict programmes or meditative prescriptions, because there is no true formula to follow.  Instead, we teach various meditation methods, so you can discover what works best for you.

4 // Building a meditation nest is best.

We want your practice to feel good.  Meditation is not always easy, but a comfortable body makes the experience more pleasant. That's why we provide you with soft and cozy furnishings, from warm fleece blankets to cushions that improve your posture.


5 // No shoes.  No phone. Yes service.

We don't like to be strict, but we want you relax, fully. Unplugging from digital life and kicking off your Oxford brogues is the key to unwinding and surrendering to the practice. Trust us to turn off once in a while. Your mind and body will thank you.


Unplugging applies to our teachers too. We NEVER take pictures of our students during class, unless permission was granted in advance.  This is a strong value we uphold as we believe that meditation is a personal practice and we want you to feel safe to explore your inner space. Rest assured, full-stop.

We are an independent company with no connection to Mind (The National Association for Mental Health).

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