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Music You Can Meditate And Manifest To

Wanna make sh*t happen? Start tuning into your tunes during your meditation. Music is one of the most powerful motivational forces. Fitness studios play bumping beats to pump up their clients. Cafes and restaurants employ varying melodies to keep customers dining in or drive them swiftly out. Mums use soft sounds to lull their babies into sweet slumbers. Music, when used deliberately, can guide the way... even helping lead us in our meditation and manifestation practices.

Manifestation meditation is the practice of bringing abundance into our lives by focusing on positive wishes, thoughts and feelings, with the use of affirmations and visualisations. And whilst you don't need music to meditate or manifest, it can be a much-revered enhancement to a session; kind of like adding adaptogenic powders to your morning smoothie.

Before sitting down to ask the universe for your soul's deepest desires, it's best to begin from a relaxed place. Simply start by taking a few moments and breaths to music that calms you down and chills you out. Then, when diving into your manifestation mission, listen to songs that propel you to feel energised, confident, and empowered. By paying attention to the soundtracks that surround us, we can raise our vibrations.

As a part of The Mind House Manifestival 2018, we've created a 30-minute playlist of meditative tunes that you can rest then manifest to, because what's a festival without music. You can now find our curated mixes on Spotify at Mind House Meditation. Rest and rock on!

Top image credit: @isleofwightfest (Instagram)


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